ISO 9001 Certified
Bearing Manufacturing &
Repair Facility

Z-Mill Backing Assemblies and Repair

March 31, 2015

Press Release

Announcing cooperation between T. Sendzimir, Inc. and
Bearing Service Co. of PA

Bearing Service Co. of PA (BSC) and T. Sendzimir, Inc. (TSINC) announced today a mutual cooperative agreement to market and support each other to better service the steel industry. This industry has been lacking a single source to assist with all backing assembly related services. Clients will no longer need to contact two or more vendors to assist with bearing or saddle repair.

The cooperative agreement between BSC and TSINC provides clients with expertise required in both bearings and backing assemblies. Any client requiring backing assembly services can send their complete backing assemblies with bearings, to either company. BSC and TSINC will coordinate the logistics to have your bearings and saddles evaluated, inspected, and replaced or repaired as required.

Leaders in their chosen fields, this cooperative agreement finally provides the steel industry with the best combination of bearing and backing assembly support the market has ever seen.

"We are proud to announce that we are now a full service company for both bearings and backing assemblies, announced Bill Banks of Bearing Service Co. of PA.

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